3 Tips for Finding a Better Vision Plan for You

The right vision plan in Champaign, IL, can significantly impact your health and your wallet. If you’re interested in how you can get a better one for you, we’ll look at how to plan ahead.

Finding the Right Balance

For people with 20/20 vision and good eye health, it would be easy to choose the base plan. This would likely cover an annual exam and not much more. It’s a logical assumption, but it ignores what would happen if there was a hiccup in your usual routine. If you don’t want to be caught off-guard having to pay for additional services, it’s important to consider how different events will impact your vision. For instance, if you need glasses for reading, it’s worth paying a few bucks more per month so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for lenses and frames.

Do the Research

Vision plans are more than just co-pays and contact lens cut-offs. Riders to your standard vision and ancillary plans can cover different services and products, but it’s important to have all the information upfront before signing the dotted line. At Champaign Eye Professionals, we recommend mapping out what you’ll pay annually for the plans against how much the services for certain conditions would cost individually.

Talk to the Right Eye Doctor in Champaign

The right eye doctor in Champaign will have a staff that can tell you not just how certain plans work, but why one might be right for you over another. If you’re ready to step up your plan (or find one in the first place), contact our office to learn more about what’s available and how it would impact you over the course of the year.

3 Tips for Healthier Eyes

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to keep your eyes healthy, but not all advice is created equal. Here are a few tips from an optometrist in Champaign, IL on how to keep your vision as clear as possible for as long as possible.

Take Care of Your Body

Your eyes are connected to the rest of your body. Eating well, exercising, and sleeping enough hours of the night are all proven ways to help you maintain healthy vision. Load up on vitamins, hit the ground walking several times a week, and start saying goodbye to computer screens at least an hour before your head hits the pillow. It may be basic advice, but it works.

Protect Your Eyes

You won’t be able to prevent all germs from entering through your eyes, and nor should you. (If you aren’t exposed to common contaminants, it’s harder to build up your immune system). That being said, you don’t want to expose your eyes to chemicals or harmful irritants (e.g., soil treated with pesticides, etc). It can be as simple as wearing goggles when you mow the lawn or paint a room.

See Your Optometrist for Healthy Eyes

Yearly eye exams in Champaign, IL with a regular optometrist don’t just give you a clean bill of health, they also give the doctor a baseline for comparison. If something changes from one appointment to the next, they have a clearer understanding of whether it’s a cause for concern or just a standard change. No matter how well you take care of yourself, your eyes will inevitably start to change over the years. If you want to preserve your vision as long as possible, the staff at Champaign Eye Professionals can help you get the care you need.

Haven’t Seen the Eye Doctor Recently? 3 Reasons to Make An Appointment

It’s important to see your eye doctor in Champaign, IL if you have glasses or if you’re at risk for eye diseases. Seeing your eye doctor can help you keep your eyes healthy, and can also help you maintain good vision. Below are three good reasons to see your eye doctor if you haven’t had an appointment recently.

1. Your Eye Doctor Can Diagnose Eye Diseases

Your eye doctor can diagnose eye diseases when you get a comprehensive eye examination. During these examinations, your eye doctor will dilate your pupils to see far into the back of your eye. If you’re at risk for conditions like glaucoma or macular degeneration, or if you have a condition that puts you at higher risk for eye diseases (like diabetes) seeing the eye doctor on a regular basis is important.

2. Your Prescription May Have Changed

If you have eyeglasses, your prescription may change over time. Seeing the eye doctor will catch these changes, so you can update your corrective lens prescription. This helps ensure that you can see clearly when you’re engaging in activities like driving, riding a bike, reading, and so on. Being able to see clearly is important, and it can be a matter of safety as well. Your eye doctor can help ensure that you’re able to see when you need to.

3. It’s Fun to Get New Glasses

Any time you get a new corrective lens prescription, it’s a good chance to get new glasses. Getting new glasses can be fun, especially if you like to follow glasses trends or coordinate your glasses with your outfits.

Ready for an eye exam in Champaign, IL? Call your eye doctor to make an appointment. Call Champaign Eye Professionals today.


5 Benefits of Sunglasses Beyond Appearance

As spring and summer approach, you’re likely going to want new sunglasses in Champaign, IL. Sunglasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription versions. As long as you’re wearing them, there’s no reason you can’t get both kinds if necessary. Here are five benefits of sunglasses beyond appearance.

1. Reduced Glare

Sunglasses cut down on glare significantly. This results in less eye strain from sunlight or from reflective surfaces such as water or vehicles on the road.

2. Wrinkle Prevention

Whether you call them smile lines or crow’s feet, wrinkles around the eyes can make a person look older than they actually are. Wearing sunglasses helps to prevent these wrinkles in two ways. They keep you from having to squint in sunlight and they help to protect that thin, delicate skin around the eyes from UV rays.

3. Better Driving Visibility

When you wear quality sunglasses behind the wheel, you’ll have better visibility. This is especially the case when you’re driving on roads when the sun is low in the sky and straight ahead of you. In turn, this can help you to see more clearly and react more quickly to potential hazards on the road.

4. Headache Prevention

If you’re prone to headaches, wearing sunglasses every time you go out may help. Migraines and other kinds of headaches can be triggered or exacerbated by bright sunlight and squinting, and sunglasses can help keep this from happening.

5. Clear Vision

If you opt for prescription sunglasses, you don’t have to sacrifice the clear vision that your regular eyeglasses offer, even while enjoying outdoor recreation with your family and friends.

When you’re ready to shop for new prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, visit your eye doctor in Champaign, IL for a wide selection of styles for adults, teens and kids.

Your Eyes Are Itchy? What to Know

Itchy red eyes can have many potential causes. If your eyes are itchy, not knowing why can make it hard to treat the problem. While it’s helpful to see your eye doctor in Champaign IL, you can get a head start on identifying the cause of your itchy eyes. Below, we’ve listed the potential causes of this problem.

Possible Causes of Itchy Eyes

There are many things that can cause your eyes to become itchy. Below are some of the most common potential causes.


Allergic reaction can cause dust, dander and pollen to cause the eyes to become itchy. If you have seasonal allergies, you’ll probably notice your eyes becoming itchy and red at the same time each year.

Dry eye

Dry eye is a condition that can be caused by various medications, environmental factors and contact use. Strangely, if you have dry eye, your eyes may also start to water, as they compensate for the dryness in the environment.

Eye strain

Eye strain occurs when you stare at a lit screen or at something similar for a long period of time. Over time, you’ll notice your eyes becoming itchy and red.


Eye infection, particularly conjunctivitis, can cause itchiness as well as discharge. This is a very contagious condition that should be treated as soon as possible.

Airborne irritants

Airborne irritants like smoke can irritate the surface of the eyes, causing a variety of symptoms, including itchiness.

What You Can Do

If you’re suffering from itchy, red eyes, talk to your eye doctor. Make an appointment with Champaign Eye Professionals to get your eyes examined in Champaign IL. Call today to get your appointment on our schedule.

3 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Eyes

At this time of year, many people make resolutions to improve their life in one way or another. If you’re not sure what type of resolution to make, why not make a resolution to take good care of your eyes? As your eye doctor in Champaign IL, we have many suggestions for ways that you can take better care of your eyes in 2023. Here’s what we suggest.

1. Take Advantage of Your Eye Insurance

Your eye insurance likely covers a range of services, including routine eye exams and some kind of coverage for corrective lenses. As long as your insurance covers services that you need, you should use your insurance to get the eye care you need.

This may involve seeing your eye doctor for checkups once annually, or getting new corrective lenses every calendar year. If you’re not sure what your insurance covers, find out and get your next appointment with the eye doctor scheduled.

2. Know the Symptoms of Eye Trouble and Get Help

Would you know if you were having a problem with your eyes? Here’s some examples of what to watch for:

  • Dry, itchy red eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Eye pain
  • Discharge from the eyes
  • Black spots in your vision
  • Loss of vision in center or periphery

Resolve to prioritize your eyesight. If you experience any of the symptoms above, make an appointment to see your eye doctor as soon as possible.

3. See the Eye Doctor When It’s Time

If you have corrective lenses, you should be seeing your eye doctor for an eye exam in Champaign IL at least once every two years, or annually if possible. If you haven’t been seeing the eye doctor as often as you should, resolve to do better!

Get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolutions. Call Champaign Eye Professional today to make an appointment for the new year.


3 Winter Eye Care Tips

As the seasons change, the way we take care of our eyes sometimes change. Now that winter is almost here, it’s important to take care of your eyes in a manner that’s appropriate for the season. Knowing how to take care of your eyes can help you avoid eye discomfort, and can also help you fight certain eye conditions. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Keep Your Eyes Moist

At this time of year, the air holds less humidity. Dryer air means dryer eyes. Eyes that are too dry may turn red, get itchy and may even impact your use of contacts. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your eyes moist.

Use a Humidifier

Your home should have humidity levels between 30 and 50%. You can tell how much humidity is in your home with a hygrometer. If the hygrometer says the humidity levels are too low, use a humidifier to increase your home’s humidity.

Use Over the Counter Eye Drops

Over the counter eye drops can help keep your eyes moist at a time of year when they might otherwise get dry. If over the counter eye drops don’t seem to be helping enough, talk to your eye doctor.

2. Wear Sunglasses Outside

It might be cold outside, but that sun is still intense! Wearing sunglasses outside can help protect your eyes from UV rays. If you’re in need of prescription sunglasses in Champaign, IL, make an appointment with your eye doctor today.

3. Update Your Corrective Lens Prescription

If you haven’t updated your corrective lens prescription yet this year, then it’s time! Call your eye doctor in Champaign, IL to make an appointment for an eye examination.


3 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses Every Day

Sunshine is great for many areas of our health. However, spending time in the bright sunlight isn’t healthy for our eyes. That said, it’s important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and other elements.

Keep reading to learn 3 key reasons why you should wear sunglasses every single day.

Prevent sun-related health issues

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies. If you’re exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, many health conditions can occur, and some can even be life-threatening. To give your eyes top-notch protection from those harmful sun rays, invest in high-quality sunglasses. Make sure to find models that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, as this is the highest defense against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Let’s take a look at the common health conditions caused by constant sun exposure:

  • Cataracts & Glaucoma
  • Skin cancer
  • Macular degeneration
  • Pterygium

Not sure which sunglasses are right for you? Whether you need prescription or non-prescription sunglasses in Champaign, IL, Champaign Eye Professionals is here to help! Call us today to make an appointment.

Improved, more comfortable outdoor vision

Trying to see anything in the bright sunshine can be a huge challenge. Not only can this be annoying and uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous. Whether you’re driving, riding a bike, or playing sports, wearing sunglasses can help protect you from the blinding sun.

Protection from the elements

Wearing sunglasses on a daily basis can also protect you from the elements, such as snow, sand, and wind. Snow blindness is very real, which is when the sun’s glare on snow actually burns the cornea. That said, always wear sunglasses while playing in the snow. When it comes to sand and wind, wearing sunglasses keeps these elements out of your eyes.

Contact our eye doctor in Champaign, IL, today to find the perfect sunglasses for you!


Just Got Vision Insurance? 3 Things to Do Now

So, you just got eye insurance! If you’ve never had vision insurance before, then you may not have been going to the eye doctor and getting regular eye exams when you otherwise should have. Vision insurance makes eye care more affordable. Now that you’re covered by vision insurance, it’s important to find a good eye doctor and start taking advantage of your vision coverage. Here’s what we recommend for you.

1. Find Out What’s Covered

Different vision insurance policies may cover different services. Knowing what’s covered is the first step to ensuring that you’re getting the most use out of your policy. For example, if your vision insurance covers annual replacements for your prescription glasses, then it makes sense to replace your corrective lenses annually. Read your policy or call your vision insurance company to find out more about covered services.

2. Find an Eye Doctor

Find an eye doctor in Champaign IL that accepts your vision insurance. Call around to different offices. As you’re evaluating eye doctors, take into consideration:

  • Availability. Is the eye doctor available to see you?
  • Customer service. Is the scheduling staff polite over the phone?
  • Convenience. What are the eye doctor’s availability?

Remember that the eye doctor you choose now many continue to be your eye doctor for many years. Pick an eye doctor you trust to provide good service.

3. Get An Eye Exam

Once you’ve found the right eye doctor, it should be easy to get an eye exam in Champaign, IL. Simply call your eye doctor to make an appointment. The professionals at Champaign Eye Professionals are happy to help. Call today to get your eye exam on the schedule.

Tired businessman rubbing his eyes during night work

Having Trouble With Night Vision?

Night vision is incredibly important, especially when you’re driving! If you’re having trouble with your night vision, see the eye doctor in Champaign, IL. Your eye doctor at Champaign Eye Professionals can help you determine the cause of your trouble and make recommendations for improving your night vision.

Potential Causes

Poor vision in low lighting is not an eye disease but a symptom of another problem. There are many things that can potentially cause this kind of issue.

  • Cataracts – this condition causes the lens of the eye to become foggy
  • Nearsightedness (myopia) – this condition can be exacerbated when the eyes dilate in low-light conditions
  • Glaucoma medications – some of these medications work by restricting the pupil

Many of these issues have solutions, but treatment for poor night vision depends on the cause. To find out why you’re having trouble seeing at night, make an appointment with your eye doctor for an eye exam. Your eye doctor may prescribe corrective lenses or recommend a procedure that can help. Even if there’s no way to fix the problem, your eye doctor can still offer tips to help keep you safe in low-light conditions.

Tips to Drive Safely

If you have poor night vision, check with your eye doctor to be sure that driving at night is safe. If your eye doctor clears you for night driving, the following tips can help keep your journey safe:

  • Plan your route in advance
  • Keep lights inside the car down low
  • Wear corrective lenses for driving
  • Avoid driving unfamiliar routes in low light conditions
  • See the eye doctor regularly to catch changes in your vision before they become severe

Having trouble with night vision? The first step is to find out why. Call your eye doctor at Champaign Eye Professionals to schedule an eye exam in Champaign, IL.