Will Drug Store “Cheaters” Hurt My Eyes?

If you’re having trouble reading a book’s small print, or you have trouble choosing food from a restaurant menu in dim light, can inexpensive “cheaters” solve the problem without harming my eyes?

Champaign Eye Professionals in Champaign, Illinois, recommends that you schedule a thorough examination any time you feel your vision has changed. We can determine whether “readers” will help, or if you need corrective lenses or contacts. The ability to see clearly should always be your goal.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about all available options.

Let a Professional Evaluate Your Vision

Purchasing magnifiers can be beneficial for reading, or for close detailed work like sewing, but only an examination by a trained specialist can detect other eye conditions that can threaten your sight.

Inexpensive magnifiers are not always the best option for the continued health of your eyes. While they do reduce strain to some extent if used for short periods of time, they should not be viewed as a solution to what may be more serious vision defects.

A routine vision check is the best way to ensure that your eyes will serve you well throughout your lifetime. Your eye doctor relies on specialized training and modern technology to analyze your vision and look “inside” your eyes to make certain that the blood vessels, nerves, and tissues are functioning properly.

Schedule Routine Vision Screenings

During a comprehensive exam, your optometrist or ophthalmologist performs several tests to check your vision, assess the health of your eyes, and check for any issues that might signal eye disease. An eye exam can also pinpoint issues that relate to overall health.

Your eye doctor may dilate your eyes, and will routinely use specialized equipment and/or lights. Eye exams should not hurt, but some of the drops and diagnostic procedures may cause slight discomfort.

How Often Should I Replace My Prescription Sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are a relatively big investment for most people. More than just a pair you pick up at the drugstore, these are carefully calibrated to help you see during the day without exposing your eyes to the sun’s dangerous rays. The general advice from aneye doctor in Champaign, IL is between one and three years, though this is a big enough gap that you should want to know more about the topic. We’ll look at when to replace them, so you can stay safe without breaking the bank.

Your Prescription Changes
It’s going to be pretty tempting to keep wearing yourprescription sunglasses in Champaign, IL if your doctor discovers a relatively minor change in your vision. You may assume that you can see just fine during the daytime with your old pair. However, considering that the lenses may obscure objects in low lighting already, you really shouldn’t take the chance.

Your Sunglasses Are Showing Signs of Wear
The changes to your sunglasses occur very gradually over time, which can make them hard to notice. For example, if you take a closer look at the lenses, you may see that the coating of the sunglasses has worn off entirely, something that you didn’t really take note of while it was happening. If you’ve noticed that you don’t see as well or that you’re getting headaches due to bent frames, it’s probably time for a change.

Find Prescription Sunglasses in Champaign, IL
If you’re wearing prescription sunglasses during critical activities, like driving or biking, it’s exceptionally important that you have a pair that works for you. Whether you’re just tired of the style, you need new lenses, or the frames are shot, visit Champaign Eye Professionals to find a wide range of frames.

Do Designer Eyeglasses Last Longer than Off Brands?

Designer sunglasses are everywhere these days, with nearly every designer trying to get in on the action. However, their prices might raise an eyebrow or two, which then raises the question of what exactly you’re paying for. Are you paying strictly for the name or are these designers using better materials that are configured in a way that will stand up to wear and tear? At Champaign Eye Professionals, we offer a number of designer eyeglasses in Champaign, IL, so we can tell you more about what you can realistically expect from your purchase.

Designer Frames in Champaign

There is a lot of variability between eyeglass frames, but in general, the quality of designer frames may exceed those of off-brands. They may also come with a better warranty than other pairs, which can be a great comfort to someone who’s less-than-careful when it comes to caring for their frames.

Enduring Style

There’s another major benefit to designer eyeglasses that has everything to do with your style. While fashion trends come and go, enduring designers like Safilo and Dolabany are attuned to what their customers are looking for. By tapping into their needs, they’ve created frames you’ll want to wear repeatedly. So you can end up getting frames that last you a decade or more and may only need to be repaired once or twice.

Optometrists in Champaign, IL

If you’re looking for an optometrist in Champaign, IL, who carries the best brands, the staff at Champaign Eye Professionals can help you pick out a frame that fits your face to a tee. If you don’t want to spend money on a designer frame, we can point you in the right direction for your best alternative.

Female optician repairing and fixing eye glasses with screwdriver. Hands holding a mini screwdriver, maintenance and cares service. Frontal view

Where to Get Your Eyeglasses Repaired

A pair of eyeglasses can last for years, but even people who take meticulous care of them will eventually need a repair or two. If you’re wondering where to get your glasses fixed in Champaign, IL, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Experience with Different Frames

There have never been more options on the market when it comes to frames. This is great news for eyeglass wearers, but it can present some logistical challenges when it comes to repairs. For lasting results, you want to work with an on-site optician who knows the various brands and how they work.

You’ll also want to deal with an expert who has all the supplies they need at their fingertips. Worn pads, scratched end pieces, broken rims, lost screws: these components are not necessarily easy to find or source, depending on the design of the frames. If you have a limited edition pair, taking your eyeglasses to a local shop may not be all that helpful.

When you visit the right optician, though, they’re more likely to either have what you need on hand or the resources and the expertise to order it. In the best-case scenario, you may not even need to replace any of the parts. The right site will have the tech and expertise needed to make the right decisions about the future of your frames.

Eyeglass Repairs in Champaign, IL

If you want to change your eyeglasses to complement your style, that’s one thing. It’s an entirely different thing to purchase eyeglasses simply because your frames are broken. If you want to save yourself some money (and hassle), the staff at Champaign Eye Professionals is here to help. Whether the break just happened or you have a pair of glasses that have been sitting in a drawer for a while, contact us today to check in with our on-site optician.



What to Consider When Choosing Glasses

Many people wear their eyeglasses every day, so choosing the right pair is important! Knowing what to consider as you select your eyeglasses can help you pick a pair that you’ll be happy to wear day in and day out until you replace them. It helps to choose an eye doctor in Champaign, IL with a wide selection of frames. Below are the questions to ask yourself as you select the glasses for you.

Plastic or Wire Rimmed?

Plastic and wire rimmed glasses are very different from one another. Plastic glasses tend to be heavier, with thicker frames. This takes some getting used to, as some people with plastic frames may have a period of one or two days when their glasses cause an ache behind the ears.

Plastic frames typically have bolder, more vibrant colors than wire rimmed glasses, so if self-expression is a priority for you, then plastic frames may be the perfect choice. Wire-rimmed frames tend to be subtler and more professional. If you’re seeking glasses that blend in, wire-rimmed may be the right choice.

Do They Fit Properly?

Typically, glasses come in different sizes. Finding the right size for your face can be difficult. One way to tell is if the bridge of the glasses fit easily without pinching your nose, or sliding down. If you’re not sure whether a frame fits your face properly, ask for help from a clerk at the eye doctor.

Are they Versatile?

Do you think you could wear these glasses with any outfit? Would you be happy wearing these glasses every day? Ask yourself these questions as you try on the glasses you’re considering.

Do you need eyeglasses in Champaign, IL? Contact Champaign Eye Professionals to make an appointment for an eye exam. Once you have a prescription, you can choose eyeglasses from our large selection.

Treat Yourself to New Glasses for the New Year

If you wear corrective lenses, this is a great time of year to get a new pair. Treat yourself this holiday season to the gift of good vision. The professionals at Champaign Eye Professionals are here to help you find the right set of glasses frames for you. Our showroom has hundreds of pairs of potential glasses for you to come see and try on. Here’s what you need to know.

Use Your Eyeglasses Benefit from Insurance

If you have vision insurance, then you likely are allowed a new pair of frames every year. Many vision insurance policies handle this benefit in different ways. To find out exactly what your vision insurance will pay for, contact your vision insurance company to find out more about your policy.

Before you can go shopping for glasses, find an eye professional that accepts your insurance type. Doing this will help ensure that you can take full advantage of your insurance, and helps you avoid wasting time at an eye doctor where you can’t shop for new glasses.

Why You Should Get New Glasses Every Year

There are many reasons to get a new pair of eye glasses in Champaign, IL every year.

  • Your prescription may change from one year to the next. Getting your new glasses helps you keep up.
  • You’ll have multiple pairs of glasses, just in case you lose one pair.
  • Having many glasses gives you many options when you’re trying to match your glasses to your outfit.

Get Started Today

Have you gotten your new glasses this year? If not, contact your eye doctor in Champaign, IL to find out more about getting an eye exam and new glasses before the end of the year.


Do Your Eyeglasses Need Adjustment? 5 Signs

If you own eyeglasses in Champaign, IL, you may already know that sometimes eyeglasses need adjustment. Typical eyeglasses are worn every day, for hours at a time, and thus need to fit really well. Poor-fitting eyeglasses can have a number of problems, so it’s important to get your eyeglasses adjusted if it’s needed. Below are several signs that your eyeglasses need adjusting.

1. They Slide Down Your Nose

Your eyeglasses should stay on your face easily, without sliding down your nose. Glasses that slide down your nose can get in the way of your vision, so bring them in for an adjustment. If the adjustment doesn’t work, it may be that your eyeglasses are too big for your face.

2. It Hurts Behind Your Ears

Glasses should grip onto your ears but should not cause pain behind them. New glasses can cause pain around the ears if you’re not used to wearing them, but after a few days, that should go away. If it doesn’t, get them adjusted at the eye doctor.

3. You’ve Had Them More Than a Year

Eyeglasses tend to become looser with time, as the screws and pieces that hold them together become shaken out of their position. If you’ve had your glasses more than a year, bring them to the eye doctor for a readjustment.

4. They Keep Falling Off

Glasses should not fall off your face, even when you bend forward to do tasks in front of you. If your glasses do fall off regularly, bring them to the eye doctor.

5. They’re Crooked

Glasses should sit evenly on your face. If they don’t, bring your glasses to the eye doctor in Champaign, IL. Call today to make an appointment, or stop in at our offices for an adjustment.

Pretty brunette girl smiling, trying on sunglasses in optical shop, asking boyfriend if they suit her, trying to find perfect eyewear before going on vacation to sea. Girl in store enjoys shopping

Do I Need Glasses? Signs Of a Problem

Do you need glasses? Would you know if you did? People with poor vision often don’t know they need glasses until their eye doctor tells them. If you need glasses, it’s essential to recognize the signs. Once you’ve noticed the signs of a problem, you’ll know to make an appointment with your eye doctor in Champaign, IL. The team at Champaign Eye Professionals can help. Here’s what you need to know.

Signs You Need Glasses

Below are some of the classic signs that you need glasses. Really, if you’re having any problems with your vision, you should speak with an eye doctor and get an eye exam.

  • Blurry vision
  • Headaches
  • Squinting at work or while driving
  • Holding books closer to your eyes
  • Your eyes take a while to adjust to things close to your face
  • Your eyes are watery
  • You find yourself rubbing your eyes frequently

How to Get Glasses from Your Eye Doctor in Champaign, IL

If you’re having a vision problem, the first thing your eye doctor will do is give you an examination. The eye exam will tell your doctor whether you’re having problems with your vision. If the doctor dilates your eyes, they’ll also be able to detect whether you have eye diseases like glaucoma.

Once your eye doctor has administered an eye exam, they’ll prescribe corrective lenses. You’ll use this prescription to get eyeglasses. At Champaign Eye Professionals, we sell glasses in a range of styles. Your eyeglasses should match your personality, so we encourage you to check out glasses in a range of colors and shapes. The clerks in our showroom can help you choose glasses in the right size for you.

Have More Questions About Eyeglasses? Call Today

If you need glasses in Champaign, IL, call Champaign Eye Professionals to make an appointment.