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When Should I Be Concerned About Flashes in My Eyes?

Flashing lights in your eyes can happen for any number of reasons, and not all of them require any type of medical intervention. You should be concerned about the frequency and the types of flashing. Learn more about the potential culprits and how the right optometrist in Champaign, IL, can help you treat the issues.

Normal Vs. Abnormal

Your eye is held in a circular shape with the help of virtuous gel. Should that gel change at any point, which is a relatively normal occurrence, you may see either an eye flash or what’s known as a floater. Sometimes, the changes are due to conditions like near-sightedness or recent eye surgery. If the gel changes consistency over time, it will eventually start to separate from the retina. Again, this part is nothing to worry about.

The situation starts to get a little less straightforward when the gel doesn’t separate from the retina. This is more likely to happen when the gel is firmly attached to the side of the eyeball and, in the worst-case scenarios, may result in a tear in the retina if you’re experiencing a lot of flashing, particularly if the flashes look like intense brights spots or cosmic events (e.g., shooting stars, etc.). If you’re getting repeated flashes within a few seconds of each other, that could be a sign of a tear.

Treating Eye Flashes in Champaign

Eye flashes in Champaign, IL, may be the result of little more than the gel in your eye shifting around. However, if the intensity of frequency has been increasing, it might be time for a comprehensive eye exam. At Champaign Eye Professionals, our staff can help you determine the root cause so you can address it before any further damage occurs.

New To Wearing Contacts? How to Take Care of Them

Contact lenses are completely different from eyeglasses, which require their own maintenance regimen. When you get your first pair of contact lenses, your eye doctor in Champaign, IL, will tell you what you need to know about caring for them. It’s important to follow all the care instructions provided to ensure that your contacts last as long as possible. Here’s what you need to know.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Contacts

The most important thing you can do to care for your contacts is to follow all instructions from your eye doctor when you are first given contacts. Following your eye doctor’s instructions will help you avoid damaging your contacts or getting infections in your eye. Other tips include:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water, then dry them before touching your contact lenses.
  • Never use homemade saline for your contacts.
  • Never reuse your contact lens solution.
  • To clean your contact lenses, rub your contacts with newly cleaned fingers, then rinse the lenses with a sterile contact lens cleaning solution. Soak the lenses in water.
  • Never store your contacts in tap water.
  • Never put contacts in your mouth to wet them.

Store your contacts in a clean contact lens case. Rinse the case with sterile contact lens solution, then leave it to dry in the open air. Replace your contact lens case every three months.

Have Questions? Ask Your Eye Doctor

Your eye doctor at Champaign Eye Professionals can tell you what you need to know about caring for your contact lenses in Champaign, IL. If you have questions, call us today to make an appointment or to speak to one of our professionals.

Do Sunglasses Help Prevent Cataracts?

Sunglasses are a great way to keep yourself from squinting, but more importantly, they block UV rays from the sun. Keeping these damaging rays from your eyes may prevent cataracts in Champaign, IL. If you’re looking for a way to be proactive, see why this is and what else you can do to stay on the right side of your vision.

Cataracts and the Sun

Cataracts affect the lens of the eye, turning it from clear to yellow. It’s sometimes known as a natural aging process, and to a certain extent, there’s some truth to that. However, because UVA and UVB rays can both damage the eye and because they can penetrate fairly deep into this important organ, people who wear sunglasses are less likely to get cataracts.

There is no definitive connection between the sun’s rays and cataracts, but it is true that cataracts are a type of damage and that the sun is known to cause damage to the human body. People who wear sunglasses early often have a lower chance of getting cataracts later in life. In fact, some studies put the odds at 20% or more. Considering the fact that more than half of all people get cataracts by the time they’re 75 or older, buying a good pair of sunglasses in Champaign, IL, is something to consider.

Finding Sunglasses in Champaign

Even the cheapest pair of drugstore sunglasses will offer you some degree of protection against the sun. However, if you’re looking for a quality pair of sunglasses that will be as stylish as they are safe, it can help you find a good optometrist in Champaign, IL. At Champaign Eye Professionals, our staff can give you all the advice you need on how to protect your long-term vision.

3 Tips for Finding a Better Vision Plan for You

The right vision plan in Champaign, IL, can significantly impact your health and your wallet. If you’re interested in how you can get a better one for you, we’ll look at how to plan ahead.

Finding the Right Balance

For people with 20/20 vision and good eye health, it would be easy to choose the base plan. This would likely cover an annual exam and not much more. It’s a logical assumption, but it ignores what would happen if there was a hiccup in your usual routine. If you don’t want to be caught off-guard having to pay for additional services, it’s important to consider how different events will impact your vision. For instance, if you need glasses for reading, it’s worth paying a few bucks more per month so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for lenses and frames.

Do the Research

Vision plans are more than just co-pays and contact lens cut-offs. Riders to your standard vision and ancillary plans can cover different services and products, but it’s important to have all the information upfront before signing the dotted line. At Champaign Eye Professionals, we recommend mapping out what you’ll pay annually for the plans against how much the services for certain conditions would cost individually.

Talk to the Right Eye Doctor in Champaign

The right eye doctor in Champaign will have a staff that can tell you not just how certain plans work, but why one might be right for you over another. If you’re ready to step up your plan (or find one in the first place), contact our office to learn more about what’s available and how it would impact you over the course of the year.