Summer Will Be Here Soon – Time to Get Sunglasses

Summer will be here soon, and before you know it, you’ll be spending long hours in the sunshine. Whether you’re at the pool or playing a sport or fishing on a lake, it’s important to wear your sunglasses. Sunglasses can help protect your vision and they’re good for safety as well. Here’s what to know about getting sunglasses in Champaign, IL.

Why Get Sunglasses?

There are many reasons to get sunglasses. See below:

  • UV protection. Sunglasses can help protect your eyes from UV rays, the invisible rays that come from the sun and do damage to various tissues in the body.
  • Safety. Sunglasses can also help you stay safe when driving and navigating busy streets. Sunglasses block glare and can help you avoid collisions and accidents.
  • Aesthetics/beauty. The right pair of sunglasses look great, and can help round out your wardrobe for the summer.

How to Get Prescription Sunglasses

If you’d like a pair of sunglasses, start by getting an eye exam to determine what kind of prescription you need. If you already have corrective lenses, this eye exam will tell you whether your prescription has changed.

How to Pick Sunglasses You’ll Love

Choosing the right sunglasses can be tough. Start by making an appointment with an eye doctor that has a large selection of sunglasses. Go into their showroom to view the different frames. Try them on. Bring a friend who can look at each pair of sunglasses and give you feedback to help you decide which frames are best for you.

Make An Appointment Today

Are you ready to get sunglasses? Call your eye doctor in Champaign, IL to learn more about getting sunglasses before summer. Call Champaign Eye Professionals today.


5 Benefits of Sunglasses Beyond Appearance

As spring and summer approach, you’re likely going to want new sunglasses in Champaign, IL. Sunglasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription versions. As long as you’re wearing them, there’s no reason you can’t get both kinds if necessary. Here are five benefits of sunglasses beyond appearance.

1. Reduced Glare

Sunglasses cut down on glare significantly. This results in less eye strain from sunlight or from reflective surfaces such as water or vehicles on the road.

2. Wrinkle Prevention

Whether you call them smile lines or crow’s feet, wrinkles around the eyes can make a person look older than they actually are. Wearing sunglasses helps to prevent these wrinkles in two ways. They keep you from having to squint in sunlight and they help to protect that thin, delicate skin around the eyes from UV rays.

3. Better Driving Visibility

When you wear quality sunglasses behind the wheel, you’ll have better visibility. This is especially the case when you’re driving on roads when the sun is low in the sky and straight ahead of you. In turn, this can help you to see more clearly and react more quickly to potential hazards on the road.

4. Headache Prevention

If you’re prone to headaches, wearing sunglasses every time you go out may help. Migraines and other kinds of headaches can be triggered or exacerbated by bright sunlight and squinting, and sunglasses can help keep this from happening.

5. Clear Vision

If you opt for prescription sunglasses, you don’t have to sacrifice the clear vision that your regular eyeglasses offer, even while enjoying outdoor recreation with your family and friends.

When you’re ready to shop for new prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, visit your eye doctor in Champaign, IL for a wide selection of styles for adults, teens and kids.

3 Things Your Teen Should Know About Taking Care of Contacts

There’s a lot to know about taking care of contact lenses. Lenses need to be cleaned regularly and used correctly, or the wearer could get an eye infection. If your teen has just recently obtained contact lenses from the eye doctor in Champaign, IL, then these tips can help your teen take care of their lenses and avoid eye injury.

1. Clean carefully

Keeping contact lenses clean is the key to preventing infections and other problems. Some tips to give your teen include:

  • Wash your hands and dry them before handling contacts.
  • Rub your contacts with clean fingers and rinse them in cleaning solution.
  • Do not use tap water, sterile water or saliva to clean your contacts.
  • Use new solution every time you clean your contacts.
  • Never use a homemade saline solution.
  • Don’t allow the tip of the bottle of contact lens solution to touch anything. Keep the bottle closed.

2. Care for your contact case

Your teen’s contact lens case needs to be kept just as clean as the lenses themselves. Tell your teen that the case must be rinsed with a sterile solution and then left open for the case to dry. Replace the contact lens case every few months.

3. Follow instructions

When your teen first gets their contact lenses, they should be given instructions from the eye doctor. They need to follow these instructions carefully. Make a note of those instructions and make sure your child is following those instructions as they should.

Teach Your Teen About Wearing Contacts

Teach your teenager about wearing contact lenses in Champaign IL. Bring your teen in to discuss their new contacts if they have questions. Call Champaign Eye Professionals to learn more.


How Can I Tell If My Baby Has Eye Trouble?

Babies can have vision trouble just like adults. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your baby has healthy eyes, or if they need to see an eye doctor in Champaign, IL. Below are four signs that your child’s eye health may need attention from an expert.

Eyes Misaligned After Four Months Old

Sometimes when babies are newborns, their eyes will cross from time to time. This is normal for babies this young, because their bodies haven’t fully learned how to align the movements of the eyes. Babies should grow out of this by the time they’re four months old. If your baby still has crossed eyes and is older than four months, see the eye doctor.

Eyes Can’t Track Objects

By the time your baby is about three months old, they should be able to track slow moving objects with their eyes. If they can’t follow an object that passes from one side of their field of vision to the other, it could be a sign of trouble.

Eye Discomfort

Eye discomfort is another sign of a problem that should be addressed by an eye doctor. This discomfort includes discharge, eye redness, puffiness, itchiness and watery eyes. If you notice your baby rubbing at or batting at their eyes, make an appointment to see a professional.

Have Concerns? Speak to the Eye Doctor

If you have concerns about your baby’s eye health, speak to the eye doctor. Make an appointment with Champaign Eye Professionals for an eye exam in Champaign IL. Making the appointment sooner rather than later can help catch problems in their early stages, when they’re often easier to correct. Call soon!