How Can I Tell If My Baby Has Eye Trouble?

Babies can have vision trouble just like adults. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your baby has healthy eyes, or if they need to see an eye doctor in Champaign, IL. Below are four signs that your child’s eye health may need attention from an expert.

Eyes Misaligned After Four Months Old

Sometimes when babies are newborns, their eyes will cross from time to time. This is normal for babies this young, because their bodies haven’t fully learned how to align the movements of the eyes. Babies should grow out of this by the time they’re four months old. If your baby still has crossed eyes and is older than four months, see the eye doctor.

Eyes Can’t Track Objects

By the time your baby is about three months old, they should be able to track slow moving objects with their eyes. If they can’t follow an object that passes from one side of their field of vision to the other, it could be a sign of trouble.

Eye Discomfort

Eye discomfort is another sign of a problem that should be addressed by an eye doctor. This discomfort includes discharge, eye redness, puffiness, itchiness and watery eyes. If you notice your baby rubbing at or batting at their eyes, make an appointment to see a professional.

Have Concerns? Speak to the Eye Doctor

If you have concerns about your baby’s eye health, speak to the eye doctor. Make an appointment with Champaign Eye Professionals for an eye exam in Champaign IL. Making the appointment sooner rather than later can help catch problems in their early stages, when they’re often easier to correct. Call soon!

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