What is Nystagmus?

Nystagmus is an eye condition that is readily detectable. It results in the eyes moving rapidly and uncontrollably. The movement can be back and forth in a horizontal motion, up and down or even circular. Nystagmus can sometimes be treated, and other times it is not treatable. In some cases, a person may even grow out of the condition.

How is Nystagmus Diagnosed?

Nystagmus can be detected simply by watching how a person focuses on an object. However, a professional diagnosis by an eye care professional is needed in order to come up with a treatment plan. Certain diagnostic procedures can be performed, such as recording the eye movement, conducting an ear exam, conducting a neurological exam, CT scan or an MRI. These tests will help to determine the possible causes, as well as treatment options for the patient.

What Causes Nystagmus?

Nystagmus has several possible causes, which is why professional diagnostic tests are so important. Potential causes include:

  • Genetic history
  • Being an albino
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Head injury
  • Certain prescription medications
  • Substance abuse

Nystagmus often appears in infanthood, in which cases the cause is likely hereditary or congenital.

If you or a loved one suspects nystagmus, the first step is to contact your eye doctor in Champaign, Ilinois. Depending upon what the eye doctor is able to determine, you may be referred to another eye specialist or a physician. Because vision is usually affected because of nystagmus, you will almost certainly need some kind of corrective lenses, such as contact lenses, sclera lenses or eyeglasses. Your eye doctor can assist with this.

Certain treatments may be available for nystagmus. In rare cases, surgery might be an option. Contact your eye doctor in Champaign, Ilinois today to get answers to your questions and assistance with dealing with nystagmus.

Surprising Benefits of Colored Contact Lenses

When you’re ready to consider contact lenses in Champaign, Illinois, you should know that your choices include more than just hard contact lenses and soft contact lenses. You could also opt for colored contact lenses, when have grown in popularity over the years. Colored contact lenses are now all the rage. If you’re wondering if these are right for you, here are some surprising benefits you’ll get with colored contact lenses.

Increased Self-Confidence

When you wear colored contact lenses, you’ll find your self-confidence increases dramatically. After all, once you insert your lenses, look in the mirror, and see beautifully-colored eyes staring back at you, your self-esteem will hit an all-time high. Best of all, others will notice the change as well.

Easier to Find When Dropped

If you have had standard contact lenses over the years and dropped them from time to time, you know all too well just how hard they can be to locate on the floor or elsewhere. However, you won’t have that problem with colored contact lenses. Rather than seemingly becoming invisible once they hit the floor, their vibrant colors will stand out, immediately alerting you to their location.

Colors Can Match Your Outfits

Finally, if you are into fashion, having colored contact lenses in Champaign, IL can let you become a fashion trendsetter among your family, friends, and coworkers. Once you discover how easy it can be to match your contact lenses to whatever outfit you wish to wear on a particular day, you’ll have everyone you know eager to see just how much you will be styling and profiling while at work, school, or elsewhere.

If you’re eager to find out even more wonderful benefits about colored contact lenses, schedule a consultation with your eye doctor in Champaign, IL to see if they are a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

Why Do the Whites of My Eyes Get Red?

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and noticed your eyes looked to be very bloodshot, you may have wondered what happened. If so, you’re not alone, as many people regularly find the whites of their eyes turning red. As to why this occurs, here are some of the most common reasons.

Eye Strain

In today’s world where you probably spend many hours per day staring at a computer screen or your smartphone, eye strain has become much more common than in years past. If you think this may be the reason for your red eyes, try spending a little less time on your devices, or at least take an occasional break to give your eyes a quick rest.

Dry Eyes

When you have a chronic lack of moisture on the surface of your eyes, you may develop a condition known as dry eyes. When this happens, the result will be constant eye irritation and inflammation, often resulting in your eyes getting red. To help with this problem, you can use either over-the-counter artificial tears or perhaps have special drops prescribed by your eye doctor for dry eyes in Champaign, Illinois.

Chemical Exposure

If you love to go swimming in pools that have chlorine added to the water, the exposure your eyes get to the chlorine itself will often lead to bloodshot eyes. If you can, try wearing goggles when you swim to prevent this from occurring.

Dry Air

Finally, if you live in an area where the air is dry, find yourself flying in airplanes, or work in an office building where the humidity is very low, each of these situations can dry out your eyes and make the whites turn red.

If you are experiencing continuing problems with red eyes, meet with your Champaign, Illinois eye doctor to discuss your problem and get an accurate diagnosis.

Should I Get Prescription Sunglasses?

If you wear prescription glasses for everyday tasks, then at some point you’ll probably ask yourself whether you also need prescription sunglasses. There are many reasons to get prescription-strength sunglasses.

Knowing the benefits and what to do if you would like to buy prescription sunglasses in Champaign IL can help you through the process. If you’re thinking about buying prescription sunglasses, here’s what you need to know.

Benefits of Wearing Prescription Sunglasses

There are many benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses do double-duty. Prescription sunglasses allow you to see clearly AND keep out the sun at the same time. Now you won’t have to choose between good vision and cutting out glare!

More protection. Wearing sunglasses is good for you because sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays, which can do damage to your eyes over time. Buying prescription sunglasses makes it easier to protect your eyes because they’re more versatile, and can be worn for all outdoor activities.

Aesthetically pleasing. Prescription sunglasses come in a range of colors and styles. They look great while outdoors all summer long!

How to Get Prescription Sunglasses

Are you ready to buy prescription sunglasses? Start by seeing the eye doctor in Champaign IL. Your eye doctor will start by performing an eye examination unless you’ve had your eyes examined recently for a pair of prescription glasses. After you’ve had the appointment, you can choose from your eye doctor’s selection of prescription sunglasses.

Ready to Buy Prescription Sunglasses? Make Your Appointment Today

Prescription sunglasses protect your eyes and look great at the same time! Call today to make an appointment to get your prescription updated, then order your pair today.

3 Often-Missed Indications of Cataracts

When patients end up needing cataract treatment in Champaign, IL, many are surprised to learn their cataracts have been developing for a long time. Many people don’t recognize the earliest signs of cataracts, but the clouding of the lens inside the eye can actually show signs much sooner than when the problem becomes most obvious. Here is a look at some of the most common early indicators of cataracts.

Dim Vision

The slight clouding of the lens that takes place early in cataract development means there is less light making it into the eye. For most people, this means they slowly begin to notice they need more light in order to see. Things like driving at night or reading something in low light can be more difficult.

Extra Light Sensitivity

Even though it seems contradictory, high light can also cause issues when cataracts are just starting to develop. If you are out in bright sunlight, for example, you may notice that there is a telltale glare in your line of sight. This issue is easy to overlook initially, but you will eventually recognize so much glare that being out in the sunlight can be all-out uncomfortable for your eyes.

Fading Color Vision

Cataracts can bring about issues in clearly differentiating color. It is not uncommon for certain colors to appear more yellow than usual. For instance, blues may look more like greens or red may appear more orange. You may also notice that colors appear more muted and less vibrant than usual.

Talk to a Champaign Eye Doctor About Cataract Treatment

Cataract treatment is one of the most common procedures performed by Champaign eye doctors. If you believe you have a cataract starting to form, be sure to reach out to us at Champaign Eye Professionals to schedule an appointment.

How Often Should I See My Eye Doctor?

Many people think of their vision as unchanging and stable. They also think of their eye health in the same way – knowing they’ve never had vision trouble or eye health problems in the past, they assume that they never will.

Your vision and eye health can change from year to year, so it’s important to see your eye doctor on a regular basis. Knowing how often to see your eye doctor in Champaign, IL can help you take care of your eyes and your vision. Here’s what you need to know.

See Your Eye Doctor Once Per Year

Most people need to see the eye doctor at least once annually unless their eye doctor in Champaign recommends that they get their eyes examined more frequently. Your eye doctor may recommend eye appointments more than once per year if you are at risk for certain conditions, or if you have a condition that your doctor may want to monitor to ensure it’s not getting worse.

The best way to ensure that you see your eye doctor as often as you should is to make your appointment at the same time each year. This makes it easier to remember your appointments.

When Should Children Have Their First Eye Exam?

Children should have their first eye exam by the time they’re one year old, then once again between ages 3 and 5. When your child is school-aged, take them to the eye doctor once per year before starting school. It’s important to catch eye conditions early so your child can see in school!

Should I See Eye Doctor Even If I Don’t Need Glasses?

It’s important to get an eye exam in Champaign IL, even if you don’t need glasses. Eyesight can change. Seeing the eye doctor regularly can help ensure any changes are caught before they become a problem.

Can Your Diet Cause Dry Eyes?

Dry eye is one of the most common reasons people seek attention from a Champaign eye doctor outside of visual impairment. Thankfully, dry eye treatment in Champaign is relatively straightforward—not only are there ample treatments, but many patients can make simple lifestyle changes to see a major difference in their symptoms. And, yes, nutrition can play a big part in that. Here is a look at some of the foods to avoid if you have ongoing problems with dry eyes.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is one of the most guilty culprits behind dry eyes. When you consume alcohol, the cells in your body can dehydrate, and this can definitely affect how much moisture your eyes can produce. If you are drinking alcohol on a regular basis, consider scaling back to see a difference in dry eye symptoms. Or, make an effort to counteract alcohol in your body by staying well hydrated with a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you plan to consume.

High-Sodium Snacks

Much like alcohol, high sodium intake can deplete the natural water levels in your body. If you consistently snack on things like chips and salted nuts, consider opting for low-salt varieties instead. Likewise, pay attention to the sodium levels in the foods you are eating. Something as seemingly innocent as a microwaveable meal or sandwich can have more than 1,000mg of sodium in some cases.

High-Sugar Foods

Refined sugars actually change how well blood and oxygen circulation throughout your body. A secondary effect of this action means that your eyes may not produce as many tears, and the tears that are produced can have a higher concentration of glucose. You may start to notice that your eyes seem dryer than usual or you need to blink more often to get any relief.

Find Dry Eye Relief with the Right Champaign Eye Doctor

From burning and itching to redness and excessive mucous, dry eyes can bring about all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms. A Champaign eye doctor can help you get to the root of the problem so you can finally get some relief. Reach out to us at Champaign Eye Professionals to schedule an appointment if you are tired of dealing with dry eyes.

Do All Elderly People Eventually Develop Cataracts?

The older you get, the more common it is to hear about parents, grandparents and older friends developing cataracts. It probably seems like all elderly people eventually get cataracts. While over half of elderly people over age 80 do develop cataracts, it’s not a foregone conclusion. In Champaign, IL cataract treatment and prevention help is available at Champaign Eye Professionals.

What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts are caused by a clouding up of the lens on the surface of the eye. The clouding is due to protein build-up. Cataracts develop slowly, over time. If you are developing cataracts, then you may notice your vision becoming hazy or blurry. Eventually, cataracts can cause total blindness. You can avoid this scenario by taking steps now to prevent cataracts. While elderly people are more likely to develop cataracts, all older people do not always get cataracts.

Tips to Prevent Cataracts

If you would prefer to avoid needing treatment for cataracts in Champaign, IL altogether, there are ways to help prevent this condition:

  • Wear sunglasses. Chronic UV light exposure has been shown to be a contributing factor for developing cataracts.
  • Quit smoking. Nicotine and other toxic ingredients in tobacco products lower your immune system’s ability to ward off cataracts, as well as causes more pressure inside the blood vessels in your eyes and body.
  • Increase vegetable intake. A healthy diet will enhance your immune system and keep you healthier overall.
  • Get regular eye exams. Your eye doctor in Champaign, IL can screen you for the development of cataracts. The sooner they are detected, the better for your outcome.

The best way for you to avoid being part of the statistic on elderly people developing cataracts is to take care of your eyes and have regular eye exams. Contact us to learn more about cataracts and the available treatment.

Eye Exam

5 Symptoms of Cataracts

When the lens of your eye is clear, you have no trouble seeing. However, once that lens becomes cloudy, things get much tougher due to a cataract that has likely formed. Though they develop slowly, cataracts will over time impact your vision. Fortunately, they can be treated safely and effectively with help from your eye doctor in Champaign, IL. If you suspect you may have cataracts, here are some of the most common symptoms.

1. Cloudy Lens

If you notice your eye has started to look cloudy, this makes it almost certain your eye has developed a cataract. When your eye lens is cloudy, you will feel as if you are trying to look through a window that is fogged up.

2. Need for Brighter Light

In some situations, you may now find you require much brighter light when reading, watching television, or performing other activities. This is due to the cloudy lens distorting more and more of the light that passes through the lens. Cataract surgery in Champaign, IL can help.

3. Sensitivity to Lights and Glare

Whether it’s when you are outside on a sunny day or when you are driving your car at night, you may notice your eyes are much more sensitive to sunlight or the glare from the headlights of approaching vehicles.

4. Seeing Halos Around Lights

Especially noticeable at night, seeing halos around streetlights and other lights is an indication that cataracts may be starting to form inside one or both of your eyes.

5. Fading or Yellowing of Colors

If you have always been a person who noticed vibrant colors but now find colors seem to be fading or even yellowing, cataracts may be to blame.

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms linked to cataracts, book an appointment with your eye doctor for cataract services in Champaign, IL as soon as possible.

Happy kids looking out the car window

What Harm Does UV Light Actually Cause?

When you are outside on a sunny day, you may not be thinking much about how UV light can damage your eyes. However, the sun’s rays can in fact severely harm your eyes if you are not careful. Chronic exposure to UV light can lead to several issues, including to macular degeneration in Champaign, IL. Thus, while outside, keep in mind the following ways UV light can actually cause harm to your eyesight.

Two Types of UV Rays

To start with, there are two types of UV rays, these being UV-A and UV-B. UV-A can cause damage to your central vision, while UV-B rays affect the cornea and lens on the front of your eye. Should your eyes be impacted by these rays, the result could be such serious conditions as cataracts, macular degeneration, or even skin cancer around your eyelids.

Children are at Greater Risk

While adults can certainly be impacted by UV rays, children are at much greater risk. In fact, by the time the average person turns 20 years old, they have already received well over 80% of the UV exposure they will have during their lifetime. Since children have lenses that are more transparent than those of adults, UV rays can affect them much quicker and with more serious results. Also, children who spend much time outside without proper eye protection are more prone to developing cataracts or other conditions later on as adults.

Sunburned Eyes

Whether it’s looking directly at the sun or having its UV rays reflect off of sand, water, or even snow, adults and children can actually get sunburned eyes, which is referred to as corneal sunburn. If you experience this, contact your Champaign, IL eye doctor right away.

If you or your children start to experience such problems as vision loss that you suspect may be due to UV damage or the symptoms of macular degeneration in Champaign, IL, contact your eye doctor immediately to set up an appointment for a comprehensive exam that will determine what is wrong.