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Should I Get Bifocals or Trifocals?

When you get to a certain age, your eye doctor in Champagne, IL may recommend that you get prescription eyeglasses with either bifocals or trifocals. This will enable you to better see both near and far, despite your eyes’ natural shortcomings. Prescription eyewear is a serious decision, so you want to get it right when choosing eyeglasses in Champagne, IL.

What Are Bifocals?

Bifocals are eyeglass lenses with two different powers in each lens. The topmost part of the lens will enable you to see clearly in the distance. The bottommost part of the lens is for close-up work, such as reading, sewing, etc.

What Are Trifocals?

Trifocals have three different powers in each lens. In addition to the two powers that bifocals have, trifocals also have a thin strip of a third power that is intended to enable you to see clearly in the middle distance, such as your computer screen while you’re working or browsing online.

Both bifocal and trifocal eyeglasses in Champaign, IL come in a “no-line” version. That is, there will be no visible line of demarcation between the various areas of power on the lens. This type of lens is also called progressive because it’s easier to transition into a different power.

Which Lens Type Should You Get?

Trifocal lenses are most often recommended for older folks who have more complex vision problems, but anyone can wear them. The downside of trifocals is that they take more time to get used to; more than you think. Bifocals are best for people who just need two separate powers for near seeing and far-seeing. If you have bifocals and find it challenging to clearly see what’s on your computer screen, chances are you might be a good candidate for trifocals. Your eye doctor in Champagne, IL will be better able to advise you according to your individual circumstances.

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