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3 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Sunglasses this Summer

Sunglasses are easy to lose! Since your sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and also prevent you from injuring your eyes on sunny days, it’s important to keep your sunglasses available. If you’re a very active person in summer, these tips can help you keep your sunglasses on-hand and available, right where you need them.

1. Establish a Place Where Your Sunglasses “Live”

Get used to putting your sunglasses back in the same place every time you put them down. This may be a location in your purse, in your car, or even in your home. Establishing a place where your sunglasses “live” will mean you’ll only ever need to look one place to find them.

2. Use a Visor Clip In Your Car

Put a visor clip on your vehicle’s visor, so you can put your sunglasses on the clip, where they’ll always be easy to reach when you’re driving. One thing to note: it’s important to use a visor clip that has a soft pouch for your sunglasses. Don’t put your sunglasses on a visor that causes scratches.

3. Keep a Glasses Case On Hand

Keep a sunglasses case on hand, and always put your sunglasses in that case. Choose a case that’s brightly colored, so it will stand out when you’re looking for it.

Lose Sunglasses Frequently? Keep Two Pairs On Hand!

As your eye doctor in Champaign, we can help you find the right pair of sunglasses for your summer in the sun. Call today to make an appointment for an eye exam, then browse our selection for a new pair of sunglasses when you’re done.

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