How Can I Tell the Difference Between Dry Eye and Pink Eye?  

Dry eye and pink eye are distinctly different problems, but they can have symptoms that look similar. If you believe you’re having either one of these issues, contact your eye doctor in Champaign, IL to find out next steps. Below is what you should know about dry eye and pink eye, and what the differences are between them.

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is a condition that occurs when the eyes do not make enough tears, and that leaves the eyes feeling dry. Dry eye can occur for a variety of reasons including environmental factors, medication side effects, seasonal allergies, aging, hormonal factors and illness.

Some people suffer from dry eye on an annual basis due to their reaction pollen in the air, while others suffer from dry eye because of conditions that are not seasonal or cyclical. Dry eye symptoms include a dry or gritty sensation in the eyes, increased tear production, eyes look red and irritated, sensitivity to light, eyes glued shut after sleeping, itching, and a feeling of eye strain.

What is pink eye?

Pink eye is a condition that causes inflammation of the conjunctiva (tissues lining the eyelid). Many things can cause pink eye, including allergens and viruses. If you have pink eye, your eye will be red or pink, and the eyelid may start to look droopy. Pink eye symptoms are very similar to the dry eye symptoms listed above, although someone with pink eye may experience more discharge from the eye, and more discomfort.

How can I tell the difference between dry eye and pink eye?

Call your eye doctor to find out next steps. Your eye doctor may ask you to come in for an eye exam in Champaign, IL. To learn more about what you should do for your dry eye or pink eye, call Champaign Eye Professionals.