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Are Colored Contacts Safe?

Colored contacts change the color of your eyes, giving your face an all-new look. Changing your eye color can be exciting, but it’s important to do it safely. Are colored contacts safe? This is a common question that patients ask. Here’s what you need to know before you purchase colored contact lenses. Prescription-Grade Contacts Are […]

Can Cataracts Be Prevented? Tips for Reducing Your Risk

Most people know at least one older person who either has cataracts or who has had cataract surgery. What’s less known is that sometimes cataracts can be prevented. Not everyone gets cataracts when they get older. How can you reduce your risk of developing cataracts in Champaign, IL? Reducing Cataract Risk The risk of developing age-related […]

When Does Dry Eye Become a Medical Problem?

A dry eye is expected when the eyes are not lubricated enough, causing discomfort and irritation. Although it is a common issue, it is essential to understand when it becomes a medical problem that requires professional attention. The skilled team at Champaign Eye Professionals of Champaign, IL, is proud to serve the local community with premium eye […]

Can Diabetes Affect Your Eyesight?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. One of the lesser-known complications of diabetes is its effect on your eyesight. In this article, we will discuss how diabetes can affect your eyes and what you can do to prevent and manage diabetic-related eye problems. The experienced team at Champaign Eye Professionals of […]

Can a Contact Lens Get Stuck Behind the Eye?

Many contact lens wearers have experienced the discomfort of a lens slipping out of place or even temporarily disappearing. This often prompts the question, of whether a contact lens can get stuck behind the eye. Although it may sometimes feel like a contact lens is behind your eye, this is actually impossible. Here’s why. The […]

5 Benefits of Sunglasses Beyond Appearance

As spring and summer approach, you’re likely going to want new sunglasses in Champaign, IL. Sunglasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription versions. As long as you’re wearing them, there’s no reason you can’t get both kinds if necessary. Here are five benefits of sunglasses beyond appearance. 1. Reduced Glare Sunglasses cut down on glare […]

How Can I Tell If My Baby Has Eye Trouble?

Babies can have vision trouble just like adults. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your baby has healthy eyes, or if they need to see an eye doctor in Champaign, IL. Below are four signs that your child’s eye health may need attention from an expert. Eyes Misaligned After Four Months Old Sometimes when babies are […]