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What Are Demodex Mites and Do They Contribute to Dry Eyes?

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from dry eyes, you may already know that the causes are not always easy to identify. From excess screen time to gland dysfunction, the reality is that that stinging, burning sensation could be coming from anywhere. If you know nothing about Demodex mites, you might want to learn more about these microscopic creatures and how they can impact your eyesight.


What Are Demodex Mites?

Demodex mites are small, wormlike creatures that live on both the skin and eyelashes. They’re usually fueled by the dead cells and oils in your body, and while they may be unpleasant to think about, they are usually harmless. However, if they have the chance to multiply, they can cause anything from skin to eyelid inflammation.

Do Demodex Mites Lead to Dry Eyes?

Yes, Demodex mites can cause burning, itching, redness, and crusting of eyelids that translate to dry eyes. If you feel like you constantly have something in your eyes but can’t identify the source, it could be an overgrowth of these mites. Dry eyes in Champaign, IL, are a harmless condition on the surface in that they won’t typically lead to eye damage or more serious eye diseases. However, dry eyes can impair your ability to perform critical activities, like driving, so it’s important to get your dry eyes checked out.

See an Eye Doctor in Champaign

The right eye doctor in Champaign, IL can assess the severity of your dry eyes and recommend solutions for the problem. If you do have Demodex mites, it may just be as simple as using a medicated scrub or ointment to kill off the mites. To schedule an evaluation contact Champaign Eye Professionals today!

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