The Impact of Normal Aging on Your Vision

Aging affects your eyes just as it does the rest of your body, and your risks of developing chronic eye conditions go up as you get older. Diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma become more common. This makes regular visits to your eye doctor in Champaign, IL, even more important, so you can benefit from early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Two of the more common eye conditions caused by aging include presbyopia and the formation of cataracts.

Presbyopia May Develop as You Age

As people age, the flexible lens inside the eye tends to stiffen up and become less pliable. Because it’s the flexibility that allows you to change focus to see objects more clearly, changes in vision usually result. We call this presbyopia, and it’s very common among older people. Presbyopia may begin around age 40 and progress as a person ages. As a result, you may need more light to see clearly, or you may need prescription eyeglasses, such as bifocals, to help your eyes change focus. If you notice problems with eye strain, tired eyes, or your ability to focus on items close up, you may be noticing signs of presbyopia.

Cataracts Are a Common Side Effect of Aging

Cataracts happen when the lens inside the eye becomes foggy, another common eye condition related to normal aging. While not everyone develops cataracts as they get older, some health conditions put you more at risk. These include diabetes, exposure to radiation, and previous eye injury. If you smoke or drink heavily, you’re also at greater risk. Treatment for cataracts in Champaign, IL, usually involves eye surgery to replace the foggy lens with a synthetic lens.

Champaign Eye Professionals in Illinois can help with common eye conditions related to normal aging. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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