Prevention and Treatment of Dry Eyes

Dry eye is an irritating condition that happens when your natural tears are no longer able to keep your eyes suitably moist. As a result, eyes feel dry, itchy, and inflamed. Dry eye is often associated with normal aging, which makes it a very common condition. Your eye doctor in Champaign, IL, may recommend a prescription or non-prescription eye drops to help with lubrication. Keeping regular appointments for eye exams can help prevent chronic dry eye.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Normal aging can contribute to dry eyes, but other factors may also cause this condition, including autoimmune diseases, allergies, changes in your body’s hormones, and inflamed glands in your eyelids. You may also be more prone to dry eyes if you’re female, deficient in Vitamin A, or have worn contact lenses in the past. Your eye doctor can diagnose the source of your dry eyes and provide treatment to help ease your discomfort.

What Are the Symptoms of Dry Eyes?

The symptoms of dry eyes include:

  • Burning or itchy eyes
  • Strings of mucus in the eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Feeling as though there’s something in your eye
  • Blurred vision

Don’t ignore the symptoms of dry eye because they may not go away on their own. In fact, without treatment, your condition may worsen.

What Happens If I Don’t Seek Treatment for Dry Eyes?

It’s important to seek treatment for dry eyes because this condition could be a sign of something more serious. Having an eye exam could help with early detection of chronic conditions such as lupus or thyroid disease. Also, if left untreated, dry eyes can worsen and cause permanent damage to your vision. Dry eyes also put you at greater risk of eye infection.

If you’re struggling with dry eyes in Champaign, IL, Champaign Eye Professionals can help diagnose and treat your condition. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly vision specialists.

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