What to Consider When Choosing Glasses

Many people wear their eyeglasses every day, so choosing the right pair is important! Knowing what to consider as you select your eyeglasses can help you pick a pair that you’ll be happy to wear day in and day out until you replace them. It helps to choose an eye doctor in Champaign, IL with a wide selection of frames. Below are the questions to ask yourself as you select the glasses for you.

Plastic or Wire Rimmed?

Plastic and wire rimmed glasses are very different from one another. Plastic glasses tend to be heavier, with thicker frames. This takes some getting used to, as some people with plastic frames may have a period of one or two days when their glasses cause an ache behind the ears.

Plastic frames typically have bolder, more vibrant colors than wire rimmed glasses, so if self-expression is a priority for you, then plastic frames may be the perfect choice. Wire-rimmed frames tend to be subtler and more professional. If you’re seeking glasses that blend in, wire-rimmed may be the right choice.

Do They Fit Properly?

Typically, glasses come in different sizes. Finding the right size for your face can be difficult. One way to tell is if the bridge of the glasses fit easily without pinching your nose, or sliding down. If you’re not sure whether a frame fits your face properly, ask for help from a clerk at the eye doctor.

Are they Versatile?

Do you think you could wear these glasses with any outfit? Would you be happy wearing these glasses every day? Ask yourself these questions as you try on the glasses you’re considering.

Do you need eyeglasses in Champaign, IL? Contact Champaign Eye Professionals to make an appointment for an eye exam. Once you have a prescription, you can choose eyeglasses from our large selection.

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