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Are Colored Contacts Safe?

Colored contacts change the color of your eyes, giving your face an all-new look. Changing your eye color can be exciting, but it’s important to do it safely. Are colored contacts safe? This is a common question that patients ask. Here’s what you need to know before you purchase colored contact lenses.

Prescription-Grade Contacts Are Safe

Prescription grade contact lenses, including colored contacts, are safe to wear. In order to obtain a prescription for colored contacts, you must see an eye doctor. During the visit, your eye doctor will give you a contact lens exam.

In the exam, the eye doctor will determine whether your eyes make enough tears. Your eye doctor will also measure the shape and size of the eye. After the exam, your eye doctor will be able to order a custom-fitted set of contact lenses for your eyes.

Contacts Sold Without a Prescription Are Not Safe

Some online companies sell costume-grade colored contacts, but these products are available to anyone without a prescription. They are not fitted for the wearer. Because these contacts were made available without a prescription, they can cause damage including eye injury and blindness.

I Bought a Pair of Colored Contacts Without a Prescription. What Should I Do?

Wearing colored contacts can be harmful for your eyes. Don’t wear contacts that you obtained through a costume business. Instead, contact an eye doctor to obtain the contacts that are made for your eyes.

Want Colored Contacts? Get a Prescription From An Eye Doctor

If you would like colored contacts for your eyes, see an eye doctor. The eye professionals at Champaign Eye Professionals help patients like you get prescription grade contacts all the time. As your eye doctor, we’re happy to help you get colored contacts in Champaign, IL. Call today to make an appointment for a vision exam and contact lens examination.


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