3 Tips for Healthier Eyes

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to keep your eyes healthy, but not all advice is created equal. Here are a few tips from an optometrist in Champaign, IL on how to keep your vision as clear as possible for as long as possible.

Take Care of Your Body

Your eyes are connected to the rest of your body. Eating well, exercising, and sleeping enough hours of the night are all proven ways to help you maintain healthy vision. Load up on vitamins, hit the ground walking several times a week, and start saying goodbye to computer screens at least an hour before your head hits the pillow. It may be basic advice, but it works.

Protect Your Eyes

You won’t be able to prevent all germs from entering through your eyes, and nor should you. (If you aren’t exposed to common contaminants, it’s harder to build up your immune system). That being said, you don’t want to expose your eyes to chemicals or harmful irritants (e.g., soil treated with pesticides, etc). It can be as simple as wearing goggles when you mow the lawn or paint a room.

See Your Optometrist for Healthy Eyes

Yearly eye exams in Champaign, IL with a regular optometrist don’t just give you a clean bill of health, they also give the doctor a baseline for comparison. If something changes from one appointment to the next, they have a clearer understanding of whether it’s a cause for concern or just a standard change. No matter how well you take care of yourself, your eyes will inevitably start to change over the years. If you want to preserve your vision as long as possible, the staff at Champaign Eye Professionals can help you get the care you need.

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