Are Sunglasses Necessary in Winter?

When you think ofsunglasses in Champaign, IL, you may think of bright days under a searing sun. Sunglasses protect against harmful UV rays. They also make an attractive look that almost everyone finds appealing. But sunglasses aren’t just for summer. Find out why you should wear sunglasses year-round when the weather calls for it.

Understanding Winter Sunlight

The winter in Illinois brings shorter days due to the position of the sun and the Earth’s movement. Because the sun is lower in the sky during winter, your eyes are more likely to be exposed to direct sunlight. It could be while you’re driving, walking the kids home from school, or out for a run. And remember, UV rays exist whether it’s a sunny day or an overcast, wintry day. The danger is still there; it’s just less obvious.

Outdoor Activities

If you enjoy being in the snow in Illinois, you have even more need for sunglasses during this time of year. Snow reflects up to 80% of UV rays, almost doubling your exposure as compared to the summer months. In addition, the snow reflects those rays and can cause what’s known as snow blindness. This phenomenon is just as much—if not more—harmful than a sunburn.

Comfort and Eye Health

The dry air and cold wind in winter act as irritants to the eyes. Sunglasses act as a barrier, helping to keep cold wind and dry air from drying out the eyes. They also help to reduce strain against the winter elements, helping to keep your eyes more comfortable while you enjoy all the outdoor snow activities you and your family enjoy.

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