Often Overlooked Risk Factors for Cataracts

Before you have to seek cataract treatment in Champaign, IL, you may be able to take steps to lower your risks enough that you never need the procedure. Most people face several risk factors for cataract development, but most people also don’t know all about the risks. Take a look at some of the most common, but also commonly overlooked, risks for cataracts.

High-Sodium Diet

Research has shown that people who eat a diet with a lot of salt see an increased risk of cataract development with an actual ratio of 2.4. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize that excess salt intake has anything to do with cataract development. This is a perfect reason to keep your sodium intake in check.

Excessive UV Exposure

When your eye doctor tells you that wearing sunglasses is important to protect your visual health, this is important advice to heed for sure. However, what you may not know is excessive UV exposure can actually heighten your risks of having cataracts. So, when you head outdoors, be sure to wear good UV-protectant sunglasses.


In one study, smokers had a 21 percent increase in the risk of eventually having to undergo cataract surgery. Smoking in itself puts your vision at risk, possibly even increasing your risks of other eye health conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more. Therefore, protecting your vision is an extremely important reason to stop smoking.

Discuss Cataract Risks with a Champaign, IL Optometrist

Even though cataract surgery is highly effective for treating cataracts, it is always best to monitor your risks and take preventative steps. A Champaign, IL eye doctor can help you pin down the risks that are most possible in your personal health situation. Reach out to us at Champaign Eye Professionals to schedule an appointment.

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