Summer is Coming! Why You Should Get Prescription Sunglasses Today

Nothing says “summer” like a new pair of sunglasses in Champaign IL! If you haven’t bought your sunglasses, now is the time. Purchasing new sunglasses will help you get ready for upcoming trips to the pool or the lake, days spent driving to your vacation destination, and afternoons spent sunning yourself in your backyard. If you’re not in the habit of keeping prescription sunglasses in your home, then it may help to know the benefits of prescription sunglasses.


New prescription sunglasses are convenient! If your sunglasses are non-prescription, you’ll have to switch back and forth between your sunglasses and regular glasses just to make it through the day. Prescription sunglasses allow you to see everything while outdoors. With your pair of prescription sunglasses, you can visit the beach, go fishing, lay in your backyard or take a trip to a far away place!


When you get sunglasses with lenses matched to your most up-to-date prescription, you’ll have the eye wear you need to safely drive to summer destinations and participate in summer sports.

If you choose to wear your regular glasses, your eyes could be vulnerable to glare from the bright sun, which could be damaging over time. If you choose to wear non-prescription sunglasses, you could find yourself having accidents because you’re unable to see properly.


Because sunglasses protect you from UV rays that can cause conditions like cataracts, getting in the habit of wearing your prescription sunglasses throughout the summer can help protect you in future years. It’s a good idea to wear your sunglasses as long as you’re spending time outdoors!

Have you decided you need sunglasses? Contact your eye doctor in Champaign IL. At Champaign Eye Professionals, we carry the latest trends in sunglasses for our patients! Call today.

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