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Does My Baby Have a Lazy Eye?

A lazy eye is a condition that many parents notice in their children when their children are just babies. If your baby has a lazy eye, it’s helpful to know what that means and what you can do about the problem.

What Is a Lazy Eye?

A lazy eye is a condition also known as strabismus. A lazy eye occurs when the eyes don’t line up together. The eye that is straighter becomes the dominant eye, and the eye that is more crooked becomes the “lazy eye.” Babies eyes often cross when they’re firstborn. The lazy eye may straighten up when the baby is more awake and alert and then becomes more crooked when they’re tired.

Should I Be Concerned If My Baby Has a Lazy Eye?

While it’s common for babies to have some wandering and crossed eyes when they’re first born, this problem usually corrects itself by the time the baby is about four months old. If the problem hasn’t corrected itself within the first four months, it’s a good idea to take your baby to see the eye doctor for an eye examination in Champaign, IL. This is likely strabismus.

When Should My Child Get Treated for Strabismus?

The earlier that you bring your child to the eye doctor in Champaign, IL, the better. Strabismus is easier to correct when your child is very young and harder to correct as your child gets older. Working with an eye doctor from an early age can help ensure that your child will get their problem taken care of before it becomes permanent.

Does your baby have a wandering eye? Are you wondering if it could be strabismus? Make an appointment with your eye doctor at Champaign Eye Professionals. Call today.

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