3 Surprising Ways Eyes Can be Injured

Your eye health is of paramount importance to your Champaign, IL eye doctor. With regular eye doctor appointments, you have the best chances of maintaining your vision for a lifetime. However, there are certain precautions you need to take at home, too. There are a surprising number of ways that eyes can be injured during everyday activities.

1. Paper Cuts

You wouldn’t think that something as innocuous as paper could endanger your vision. But consider an incident that happened a while back when a seated employee turned her head at the precise moment that her colleague, standing behind her, went to pass a piece of paper onto the desk. The resulting paper cut to the cornea was successfully treated, but this demonstrates how small accidents can cause great damage.

2. Tanning Beds

Many teens and young adults visit tanning beds, not knowing how dangerous the lights are to the eyes. Not wanting to have a ring around their eyes where the goggles are, they remove their goggles during the session. Hours later, they have scratchy, painful eyes that are swollen and red, with blurred vision on top of everything else. Injuries from tanning beds are not uncommon. If it happens once, chances are the eyes can recover after a day or two. But abusing the eyes in this way can eventually result in vision reduction.

3. Woodworking

Woodworking is a common pastime of Champaign, Illinois residents. Just be sure to wear safety goggles the entire time. Otherwise, the eyes are vulnerable to wood chip debris that flies through the air during cuts. There’s also the chance of wood chip dust, which is in the air, to make its way into the eyes.

A little bit of caution and care can prevent accidents like these. If you do have an eye injury, contact your eye doctor in Champaign, IL right away for help.

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