Why Do I Have Black Spots in My Vision?

Black spots in your vision may be nothing to worry about. Then again, they could be a symptom of more serious medical concerns. The only way to find out for sure is to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor in Champaign, IL. This is the professional who can help you find solutions to those annoying “floaters.” And if something more drastic is happening with your health, they’ll be your first line of defense.

What Are Black Spots in Vision?

Most people call them floaters. They look like tiny particles of dirt or debris that are”floating” across your vision. In reality, however, they’re tiny clumps of vitreous humor. This is the jelly-like substance that makes up the inside of your eyeball. Sometimes, particles of vitreous humor will clump together, forming the unusual specks, flecks, and squiggles you see in your vision. This is a very common condition, and it’s nothing to worry about.

What Causes Eye Floaters to Appear Black?

These types of floaters appear to be black because, as they drift through the eyeball, they cast shadows onto the retina. The brain then reads them as dark particles. They are often caused by normal aging. However, if you’re noticing floaters crossing your line of vision, you should schedule a visit to your eye doctor. These types of black spots are harmless, but there may be times when floaters are not caused by vitreous humor.

When Should I Worry About Eye Floaters?

You should pay special attention to floaters if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or if your floaters suddenly increase all at once. Either situation could indicate that something more serious is at play, such as leaking blood vessels in the retina or even retinal detachment.

Regardless of whether you have diabetes or another chronic medical condition, eye floaters require attention. For help with dark spots in your vision in Champaign, IL, call Champaign Eye Professionals today.


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