Which Eye Glasses Are Best? 4 Tips to Choose Your Next Pair of Specs

Choosing the right eyeglasses can be tough! Knowing what factors to take into consideration when selecting your eyeglasses in Champaign can make the process easier. Insurance, size, style, type, and shape of glasses are all important factors that can affect which glasses are right for you. If you’re going to be choosing new eyeglasses, here’s what to consider.

1. Consider Insurance

If you have vision insurance, your policy may limit how much your insurance company will pay for frames. Tell the clerks in the showroom about your insurance policy. Very likely, they will be able to show your which frames are fully covered by your policy.

2. Choose the Right Size

Glasses come in different sizes to fit different faces. Some glasses in the showroom may not be the right size for you. The clerk can help you identify when a pair of glasses needs to be a different size. They can help you find the right glasses for your size.

3. Wire Frames or Plastic?

Plastic frames are heavier, less flexible, and more colorful than their wire counterparts. You’ll need to choose the glasses frames that work best for you. Talk to the clerk about the available options.

4. Consider the Shape of Your Face

Look for a pair of glasses that complement the shape of your face. Is your face square? Look for square frames. Is your face rounded? Round frames will complement and accentuate the lines of your face. If you’re not sure, talk to the clerk for advice.

See the Eye Doctor in Champaign, IL

Pick the right glasses for your personal style. See the eye doctor in Champaign IL to get started.

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