What Does It Mean to Be Colorblind?

Someone who is colorblind has difficulty seeing colors as they actually appear. There are different degrees of colorblindness, which means some people who are colorblind see colors better than others with the same disorder. This condition is usually present from birth and is very common. If you have difficulty viewing colors as others see them, your eye doctor in Champaign, IL, can test for and diagnose color blindness.

What Causes Colorblindness?

Colorblindness happens as a result of a deficiency in the ways cone cells in your retina function. Your retina contains both rod cells and cone cells. Rod cells distinguish between light and dark, while cone cells detect different colors. Both types of cells must work in unity for you to view the world realistically.

Colorblindness is almost always congenital, passed down from birth through the mother to the infant. This form of colorblindness results from missing cone cells. If one cone cell is missing, you may have trouble viewing the color red, blue, or green. If all cone cells are missing, the world may just exist for you in shades of gray. This condition is often diagnosed during the preschool years, when children are unable to grasp the names and appearance of colors.

Sometimes, this condition develops later in life as the result of drug use, disease, or injury. Usually, this happens because the retina or optic nerve has been damaged.

Is There Treatment for Colorblindness?

Currently, there is no existing treatment for colorblindness. But special eye glasses or contact lenses that replicate the work of cone cells can improve how someone who is colorblind sees different colors.

If you’re experiencing colorblindness in Champaign, IL, talk with your vision specialist today. There may be ways to improve the way you see colors. Champaign Eye Professionals may have solutions if you call to schedule your appointment today.

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