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Summer Eye Care Tips

Summer is an important time of year to take care of your eyes! Wearing the right protective eyewear and seeing your eye doctor in Champaign IL can help. This summer is fast approaching. Here’s what you need to know about taking care of your eyes in the coming season.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses are good for your eyes in so many ways. Some sunglasses block harmful UV rays that can cause conditions like cataracts. Sunglasses also make it easier to see while you’re doing things like driving, spending time at the beach and navigating your way around town.

It’s very important to wear sunglasses throughout the summer. If you need prescription sunglasses in Champaign IL, make an appointment to see the eye doctor as soon as possible.

Wear Eye Protection When Doing Work Outside

Are you going to be using a weed wacker or a lawn mower? If so, you should be wearing eye protection! Wearing eye protection when doing work outside can prevent your eyes from getting injured by flying debris. There are many types of eye protection that can fit over prescription glasses, but if you need prescription eye protection for whatever reason, talk to your eye doctor.

Avoid Sunburned Eyes

If you go outside (maybe to the ocean or to a swimming pool) and spend too much time looking into bright lights, you can get sunburned eyes. This condition, also called photokeratitis, can cause problems like eye pain, headache, sensitivity to light – and even temporary blindness. Wear sunglasses and a hat when spending time outdoors!

Know When to See the Eye Doctor

If you’re experiencing blurry vision, changes in vision and other problems, see the eye doctor in Champaign IL. If you need sunglasses or new prescription lenses for this summer, call Champaign Eye Professionals to make an appointment.

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