Just Got Vision Insurance? 3 Things to Do Now

So, you just got eye insurance! If you’ve never had vision insurance before, then you may not have been going to the eye doctor and getting regular eye exams when you otherwise should have. Vision insurance makes eye care more affordable. Now that you’re covered by vision insurance, it’s important to find a good eye doctor and start taking advantage of your vision coverage. Here’s what we recommend for you.

1. Find Out What’s Covered

Different vision insurance policies may cover different services. Knowing what’s covered is the first step to ensuring that you’re getting the most use out of your policy. For example, if your vision insurance covers annual replacements for your prescription glasses, then it makes sense to replace your corrective lenses annually. Read your policy or call your vision insurance company to find out more about covered services.

2. Find an Eye Doctor

Find an eye doctor in Champaign IL that accepts your vision insurance. Call around to different offices. As you’re evaluating eye doctors, take into consideration:

  • Availability. Is the eye doctor available to see you?
  • Customer service. Is the scheduling staff polite over the phone?
  • Convenience. What are the eye doctor’s availability?

Remember that the eye doctor you choose now many continue to be your eye doctor for many years. Pick an eye doctor you trust to provide good service.

3. Get An Eye Exam

Once you’ve found the right eye doctor, it should be easy to get an eye exam in Champaign, IL. Simply call your eye doctor to make an appointment. The professionals at Champaign Eye Professionals are happy to help. Call today to get your eye exam on the schedule.

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