Common Eye Conditions: Presbyopia 

Presbyopia may sound serious, but in reality, it’s something that happens to most of us as we age. It’s a fancy term to describe your eyes’ inability to focus close-up as you get older. If you have presbyopia, you may need corrective lenses to see things up close, such as the small print in a book or newspaper. Your eye doctor in Champaign, IL, can tell you more about this eye condition that affects millions of people every year.

What Causes Presbyopia?

Presbyopia happens when the lens of your eye becomes less flexible due to age. Usually, symptoms begin appearing around age 40. Small print becomes more difficult to read, and you may have trouble seeing well enough to perform close-up, routine tasks, such as threading a needle. When you’re young, the lens of the eye is softer and more pliable. It’s able to change shape more easily, allowing you to shift focus between objects near and far away. As the lens ages, it loses some of that flexibility. And what was once easy to see, becomes blurred.

What Are the Symptoms of Presbyopia?

Symptoms of presbyopia are similar for everyone. Over time, it becomes more and more difficult to see close-up objects clearly. You may be forced to hold your book or newspaper further away to focus on the print. And you may suffer headaches or eye strain after a session of doing close-up work, such as sewing.

Treatment Options in Illinois

Presbyopia isn’t something to fear. In fact, it’s a very common occurrence. Treatment usually involves eyeglasses that bend the light before it reaches the lens of your eye. Other options may include refractive eye surgery or lens implants.

If you’re struggling with age-related vision changes in Champaign, IL, schedule an appointment today with Champaign Eye Professionals.

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