Can a Contact Lens Get Stuck Behind the Eye?

Many contact lens wearers have experienced the discomfort of a lens slipping out of place or even temporarily disappearing. This often prompts the question, of whether a contact lens can get stuck behind the eye. Although it may sometimes feel like a contact lens is behind your eye, this is actually impossible. Here’s why.

The Protective Barrier Inside Your Eye

The human eye is designed to protect it from injury. It has a protective barrier called the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva forms a pouch-like structure called the conjunctival sac, which helps to ensure that foreign objects do not slip behind the eye. This is a physical barrier that prevents objects, such as contact lenses, from getting stuck behind the eye. So, while it may feel like your contact lens has disappeared into the abyss, rest assured that it cannot venture too far from its intended position.

Minimizing Contact Lens Displacement

If you wear contact lenses in Champaign, IL, there are things you can do to minimize contact lens displacement. Number one is to make sure that your contact lenses are clean and fresh. Older lenses lose their shape and are more likely to fall out of position atop the eye. Number two is to ensure that your eyes have adequate lubrication. Give your eyes a break from lenses at the end of the day and switch to prescription eyeglasses. Finally, make sure your contact lenses are the correct prescription. Regular prescription updates help to ensure that the physical contours of the contact lens are correct for your eyes.

A contact lens cannot get stuck behind the eye due to the protective barrier formed by the conjunctiva. However, if you ever face a contact lens mishap, remember to stay calm and consult with your optometrist in Champaign, IL if needed. Contact us today to learn more.

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