About your EyeMed Vision Plan

Do you have vision coverage through EyeMed Vision Care? If so, you have access to many benefits that can save you money on the costs of your eye exam, frames, lenses, and more. EyeMed Vision Care is now one of the largest providers of vision benefits in the United States and is offered by many employers nationwide. Your eye doctor in Champaign, IL, can tell you more about what’s covered through your EyeMed Vision Plan.

Who Is EyeMed?

EyeMed has been offering vision coverage since 1988. It’s parent company is Luxxotica, based in Italy. Initially an eyewear brand that specialized in frames and lenses, Luxxotica created EyeMed to help its members gain better access to managed vision care. In 2022, it was named one of the top two Best Vision Insurance Companies by The Balance.

What Benefits Do I Have Through EyeMed?

Like most managed-care plans, your benefits may vary depending upon your level of coverage. More than 87,000 vision care providers accept EyeMed in the United States, which makes it easy to find someone nearby. And though your savings depend somewhat on the company you work for and the type of lenses, frames, and add-ons you choose, you can save up to 73 percent off the cost of your new prescription eyewear as well as your eye exam. Other in-network benefits may include:

  • 20 percent off items not covered by your plan, such as prescription sunglasses
  • 40 percent off a second pair of glasses
  • 20 percent off frame balancing
  • Savings on contact lenses
  • Savings on LASIK and PRK corrective surgeries

As an EyeMed plan participant, you can also save money on a wider selection of frames, including premium frames that aren’t typically covered.

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If you have questions about your EyeMed Vision Plan in Champaign, IL, call Champaign Eye Professionals to schedule a consultation. We’re happy to answer all your vision-insurance-related questions.

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