3 Tips to Find Better Sunglasses

All sunglasses in Champaign, IL, offer some degree of protection from the rays above, but that doesn’t mean that all brands and models are created equally. We’ll look at what the differences are and what you should look for when you’re selecting your next pair.

Look for UV Protection

If it’s a reputable brand, it’s going to say what you can expect in terms of UV protection. Choose a pair that protects against UVA and UVB light. If you’re concerned about your current sunglasses (maybe you want to keep them for variety), there are optical shops with light meters that will test just how much of a barrier the sunglasses provide. Bigger sunglasses do not necessarily offer better protection from UV rays.

Don’t Choose Based on Lens Color

It’s worth noting that lens color is not necessarily a factor here. Just because you choose the darkest lenses that you can find doesn’t mean that you’ll be guaranteed better protection. Checking the label, assuming it’s from a trustworthy source, is the best way to ensure your eyes are covered. In addition, polarized lenses may or may not offer UV protection (you’ll have to look for a brand that guarantees UV filtering in addition to polarization).

Talk to an Optometrist in Champaign, IL

The right optometrist in Champaign can tell you more about what kinds of sunglasses will be best for your eyes. At Champaign Eye Professionals, we help each patient choose based on more than just how well the frames complement their sense of style. While different patients will be more at risk for sun damage, the reality is that the adverse effects of the rays above will accumulate over time. If you don’t want to take chances, schedule an appointment with us today.

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