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3 Reasons to Schedule an Annual Eye Exam

If your vision doesn’t noticeably change very often from year to year, you might understandably put off your annual exam. This is likely even more true if you tend to get the same report of clean health every year. However, there are reasons why doctors recommend it at least once a year, and it’s not because they’re trying to drum up business. Here are a few reminders of why it’s so important to take the precaution.

1. You Don’t Always Notice When Your Vision Changes

There are times when your vision can shift ever so slightly, and the change might not always register with you. For instance, you may see at -2.75 in your left eye in Jan, but a -3.0 by November. Your brain will learn to see at your current prescription, perhaps by having you squint ever so slightly, but the strain on your eyes will eventually catch up with you.

2. Eye Conditions Can Happen at Any Age

No matter how old you are, a routine eye exam in Champaign, IL will check your eyes for any number of eye diseases. While certain conditions, like cataracts, are more associated with the elderly population, you never want to assume that vision loss could never happen to you.

3. You Can Talk to a Professional

At Champaign Eye Professionals, we can tell you how critical it can be to make these appointments, if only because you set aside the time to talk to a professional about your vision. Even if you haven’t noticed anything wrong, you have the chance to learn more about what to expect as your eyes age. Plus, if you see the same eye doctor in Champaign, IL every year, they’re more likely to keep your eye health on track.

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